Planetary Magnetic Fields

It is supposed that the effect of the magnetic field of a planet or star, such as the sun, changes according to the proximity of the individual object within the field. Thus a planet that is closer to the Sun will stand in a very different field to one further away.

All life develops, wherever it develops, under the conditions of the environment in which it is found. These conditions will include the magnetic field of the planet and of the surrounding bodies.

As humanity begins its tentative steps off planet it becomes subject to conditions which are alien to it. It enters a new environment.

Two things occur. Firstly the human is no longer surrounded by the sustaining atmosphere and magnetic field of the Earth, and secondly it will become subject to other radiations and magnetic fields which are alien to it.

While the projected ‘colonisation of Mars’ tends to focus on issues like the difference in gravitational pull of the planet, dwelling beneath two moons and other immediately apparent features that distinguish that planet from Earth, little attention is given – it is suggested – to the thinness of the atmosphere with concurrent lessening of the shield against ‘cosmic radiation’, nor the magnetic field of Mars itself and how that may differ from Earth, with little idea as to what the outcome of living under such conditions might be. For example, what effect might this have on the human body and psychic make up of any individual subjected to extended periods under those conditions?

But there is a further point I want to raise and that is the planet itself takes its orbit in a very different part of the magnetic body of the Sun from the Earth. This too will have a direct affect upon any individual finding themselves there. The Earth we know is part of a dual system with the Moon, meaning the Moon is shielded still within the ‘atmospheric’ pocket of the Earth-Moon system.

Consider, for example, that the magnetic body of the Sun is a series of harmonics, in each of which a planet takes its being. As the harmonics reach the higher levels – the third and fourth octaves and so on – new qualities will arise. These may be detrimental to the human being who is used to a much denser, lower harmonic vibration echoing through the body.

We see this already with harmonics of power on Earth, particularly political power. Those in positions of power become changed by the offices they hold. Many become cruel and ruthless, particularly if it was personal ambition that launched them into these posts. Many become irrational. For those who incarnate into positions of authority, as in the case of dynasties of ruling families, for example, or those of great wealth, the issues are very different. Firstly they are brought up in an environment of privilege which, in the best cases, speak more of responsibility and duty than of than rights and privileges. Secondly it was never a personal choice on their part to incarnate into such a state of privilege. It was an incarnational ‘accident’, which is to say it was a choice made by the incarnating agency, in the case of Earth the Solar Logos or Regent of the same, rather than the Soul, incarnating now into the body of a privileged person. Rather than being seen as a blessing by the individual this may often be felt as a curse. An obligation which one has to fulfil without regard for personal feelings on any matter.

Consider the role of war in a nation. The leader of the government may choose to commit some act of war against another nation and lead a generation of its population into situations of great danger and desperation. The nominal head of the nation has to proceed as if it was their choice, when they may have had no say in the matter at all. Nonetheless they must give their support to the troops and aim to defeat the supposed enemy with all their courage and heart. At what level their actions take place is dependent upon the personal circumstances of that head of state.

How different a position to that of the politician who, wanting to ensure a further term in office (having grown to enjoy the prestige of power) declares war on the most slender of grounds against some former ally they may consider weak enough to conquer, or whose resources they desperately envy.

When a short time later, for politicians lives are short, that leader falls from power, the nominal head of the nation must still support the wounded and deceived. The politician may be heralded as a hero of the hour and go on to make a career in public speaking or some other publicity based venture. Now all of their responsibility turns, as it ever did, on their own interests, and no longer on the well-being of the nation which once they served. A monarch or noble in a nation, and indeed a seat of wealth, does not have that choice. Their responsibility remains what it always has been, the well-being and health of the family, and the populous at large.

But to return to the planets. It is hoped that some insight has been given as to the issues involved in colonising other worlds. It only remains to add that the issues of the Earth are not solved by running away from them. We have to find a way to live both morally and ethically on the Earth and until we do any further extending of human habitation remains a minor issue for the majority of Life on this planet. Should we unravel Life here, as we are proceeding to do, minor outposts under alien conditions will not provide a realistic answer to the continuance of the race.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.