The Christ Arising

While many await the coming of the Messiah, and others the second coming of the Christ, still more await the appearance of the Imam Mahdi. The long-awaited Celtic prophecy of the Once and Future King who will establish justice in the world. The whole focus of these prophecies is on the human kingdom. But for me the danger is not in Eternal damnation but the loss of Life on Earth.

Who will deny the growing environmental movement as the expression of all these predicted appearances of the Enlightened Ones?

The assumption by these messianic cults is that the human kingdom is the most important issue at stake. Today this is simply not the case.

We have managed to invent technologies that are detrimental to Life, in our search for ease, distraction and profit. The most frightening sound on land is that of the internal combustion engine, whether in the form of road diggers, caterpillar bulldozers or chain saws. On the seas we find the same with the rumble of diesel engines as trawlers drag crushing nets across the seabed. In the air the constant discordant buzzing of electricity.

There is no question of the legality of these actions but the ethical question surely has to fall the other side from the legal decision. Greenpeace are accused of being guilty of open ocean vandalism, by dropping huge stones on to the sea bed to protect the lives of those destroyed by the bottom drag nets that smash everything in their wake, including breeding grounds. Where is the environmental legislation to protect these defenceless ones?

Today the challenge is to the notion that Life exists on Earth as a given. The scientists will tell you that Life has not been found elsewhere in the universe, denying the existence of visitors from other worlds. But this thought is not carried forwards to the recognition that Life is precious, and not to be destroyed wilfully in pursuit of marginal profits. Even fishermen, more than 15 years ago, told of the danger to livestock levels in the North Sea, as they watched their livelihoods disappearing.

Meanwhile industry and commerce continue to develop techniques and technologies that actively destroy the Earth and its Living Species heedless of the many warnings seen across the planet.

Life is not native to this planet.

It is a gift from the very source, which some religions call God, visiting this world for the benefit of all. It is steadily being unravelled by the forces of commerce which are concerned purely over the profit margin, with total disregard for quality of life, and watch that growing slimmer as it turns its attentions to other areas of exploitation.

Is traffic in human bodies and body parts legal? It goes on all across the world. The British government have now passed legislation that demands the organs of the dead. If you wish to keep your organs after death you have to a) have an internet connection and b) go through a rigmarole that is baffling even to one with a degree in Information Technology.

Yes, trade in human organs is both legal and supported by the local government of the British Isles. But Life is unravelling. As ecosystems are destroyed through the widespread use of chemicals for fertilisers and pesticides, the rivers and streams suffer from acidic run off that destroys their habitats.

As those food sources disappear, wildlife will turn to other sources of food, and grow more desperate in their struggle to stay alive. Soon the rodents will turn on humans and begin to see them as suitable food stuff for their young.

As each system unravels, the whole web of Life becomes that much weaker, and Life itself will abandon this planet long before the proposed outposts on neighbouring planets have become functioning societies.

We have a wonderful opportunity with the covid economic collapse to begin to restore the Earth through bringing more labour to the land and educating ourselves, and our children, in growing ecologically sound foods. We cannot expect the supermarkets to lead the way. It has to come from commerce itself, and that means offering landworkers a reasonable wage. They are after all the primary producers of this and every other nation.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.