Stepping into Aquarius

As we step into Aquarius we can expect the forces of decadence to resist the change, since it suits them to hold the seats of power and maintain a grip on what some may consider their security – as if life was dependent on human will and profit alone for its sustenance.

I do not wish to suggest that all in elevated positions are insensitive to the cries of Life from the planet, for humanity to desist from its rapacious folly, but rather to suggest that the transition will not be a simple one, but won by struggle and great effort on all our parts. One thing is certain that the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth and Solar System will come to the fore as the presence of the Galaxy makes herself felt more strongly once more and we begin to erect a just society.

We cannot ignore the plight of Life on the planet and must reconsider the role of commerce as currently antagonistic to Life force. Where are we going wrong? There is no question that we are going wrong and being lead by profit motive alone is not any kind of solution to the dire situation we find ourselves in.

The situation is not hopeless. Far from it. But we must try to move to a new and better balance with all Life than we have had to date, under the devastating Biblical notion of Humankind’s superiority over Nature. We see how false such a notion is today, in the midst of a pandemic driven by something so trivial as a virus that can knock the race down to its knees. Nor will this be the last.

But humanity has the chance to learn lessons, the lessons of humility and tolerance if only it will allow itself to become humble in the face of Life as she returns to the Earth after a long absence. For we have been struggling under the forces of death – a mechanical universe is a dead universe and can never be the source of Life.

Step boldly into the New. You do so for all our sakes. From the desire for Goodwill towards each other, Strength will grow and guide us once more into the Fold of Life, the Eternal Shepherd.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.