Crystals, Electricity and Radiation

Geologists tell us that there are 14 different patterns that atoms can assemble into. Some argue that there are 15, but this is due to one formation having a right-handed and a left-handed variant. One asks the question does this mean that it is spiracular in form? However each different pattern will create a different and unique frequency in Creation. In this way Creation, Space, will be permeated by 14/15 different frequency patterns which will divide Space and distinguish different patterns within it as a series of lattices.

We need to consider whether these patterns create magnetic or electrical fields. Extending through space will be fields of frequencies each different from one another, interweaving as a complex mesh, and each creating a holding pattern within which other forms can take place and unfold. There are a lot of Sci-fi speculations about life forms with a different base to the carbon-oxygen-hyrdrogen, which forms the basis of life on Earth. Speculations include silicon based life forms and so on. Star trek usually includes some reference to such things in one or other of its episodes. The implication is usually to do with moral codes of behaviour and other values and how these differ from the assumed ‘correct’ stance which is portrayed as only being relevant to carbon based life forms. Perhaps in the 1960s when Star Trek began it was necessary to cloak tolerance of different systems and psychologies in this pseudo-scientific garb to allow some to consider that life as a black American might be very different from life as a white American.

However whatever may be the outcome of such speculation one thing is clear. Space is divided into 14/15 different patterns which interface with one another and build structures within which all the rest of Creation takes place.

Some might seek to argue that these fields of expression will only be limited in extent, and some may even argue that they do not extend beyond the limits of the crystal formation itself. Those who argue for a limited extent may also, by virtue of this argument, suggest that each outcrop of crystal formation will begin a new pattern regardless of others around it, even if they are the same pattern. In that way they suggest that Space is interwoven by any number of repetitions of the same patterns with different sources. Yet I suggest this is not the case. I would go further to suggest that, in direct opposition to that idea, outcrops of those formations only occur where the pattern expresses itself. That is to say they will be aligned to the matrix that already exists, not that they create the pattern again by virtue of their own existence. The pattern, the matrix, allows the expression of its forms, and it is within this matrix that the forms find expression, not outside it. There is no outside. That Space may be permeated by the other 13/14 patterns is irrelevant. They will create their own patterns throughout Creation.

Simply said, what we consider to be empty Space is itself a series of interwoven, though not necessarily locked, matrices forming the foundational web upon which the rest of Creation itself is woven, as the outer expression of manifest forms. It is likely that some wave pattern moves through each matrix, independently of the wave forms passing through the other matrices, that may bring some element of emphasis within the matrix, making it stronger here and less strong there as a constantly moving pulsation within the matrix.

I am suggesting that as we throw bands and laser beams of radio waves around the planet, we do so through this matrix of interconnected frequencies creating new, imposed, and false, frequencies upon them, thereby destroying them and the life-enhancing qualities they provide. (They will be life enhancing since it is within these matrices that Life has developed!) Is it any wonder then that life should be dying out on this planet, with its wayward species, humankind, and its inventions. We would not expect to find life in the middle of a holocaustic explosion, yet we are creating that with the constant outpouring of wifi, and other radiations we spread around the globe, with little thought as to what we are carving through in sending these Oh! so important messages to one another.

See ya later! As if there will be a later in which to see you.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.