75 years

When I was at school I studied Geography at A level. Our teacher told us that the climate was changing (in 1968) and that Scotland could expect a climate like that of the Mediterranean. We all thought that would be a good thing. No longer would it be necessary to travel to Spain to loll about in the sun. He didn’t seem so certain but made no more fuss about it. A curriculum to stick to, you know. So we thought no more about it.

Today 52 years later I have to ask myself was it already known that the climate was warming?

We are celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of Britain this year, and I ask myself what has changed in those 75 years since the end of the war?

For me the most apparent change, and one nobody wants to address this – too much money involved – is that from 1945 onwards the proliferation of radio and television waves and then latterly, as the crisis of global warming began to become apparent, mobile phones and wifi have extended to every part of the globe. At the same time we are told that radiation from satellites around the Earth register alarmingly high levels of radiation in the middle of the Australian desert where no human habitation is found for miles around.

Little is understood about Electricity or its relationship to those two other mysterious forces, Gravity and Magnetism. It is known that an electric current creates an electro-magnetic field around itself. It is also known that bodies generate electrical fields about themselves. The Earth has an etheric field surrounding her as does every human being.

Friction is understood. Rub two things together and they will get warmer, especially if they have abrasive surfaces. My suggestion, and fear, is that this promulgation of electrical fields is creating friction within the etheric (electromagnetic) field of the earth that is unquestionably detrimental to Life.

As an experiment walk in the woods. Notice how the air feels cool and soothing. If you are able to, contrast this with standing in a kitchen filled with electrical equipment and see what difference there is to the body.

I know it is not a popular idea but I do suggest it – stop all mobile phones and electrical generation and see the result. Difficult to co-ordinate that around the world and of course there are still the satellites, but I do feel certain that it is these which, more than any other factor, Co2 omissions and everything, are causing the planet to roast the trees alive so they burst into flames at an unprecedented rate.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.