Orbital Deviation

Life has developed on Earth under particular conditions. These include a constant source of sunlight. Though it may be cloudy from time to time the flood of neutrinos from the Sun has been constant throughout the Earth’s existence, and certainly throughout the evolution of life on the planet. Life is not inherent to the planet, as I have argued elsewhere, but is a gift from the Source of Life, which we may as well call the Galaxy at this juncture since to go any further would be to enter a discussion which is amply recorded elsewhere. We may suppose that, since the orbits of the planets are relatively constant these represent certain ‘harmonics’ within the Solar Body. If this is the case then, as well as lying within a particular plane in the Solar body – a horizontal plane as it were – we also have along that plane certain intersections which, given slight variations due to the ‘breathing’ of the system, fluctuate between very small margins. Just as a string when struck has an absolute point of intersection of the waveforms causing the harmonics, one third, one quarter and so on, that can nonetheless be sounded with a relative degree of laxity. The note will be clearer or more muffled according to the accuracy or lack thereof of the placing of the intervening object, a finger, a nail, a slide or whatever might be used.

However in the case of the Solar system we are dealing with a physical body with a magnetic field. The placement of the orbits may well be due to the frequency or coincidence of that field. This field will extend both laterally and vertically within the Solar body and thus intersect the orbital plane of the planets at particular intervals. A magnetic field essentially creates a toroidal form about the originating body. It may well be these ‘vertical’ intersections which determine the placement of the planetary orbits. Since they are so regular they are clearly operating under some law which we have yet to comprehend. My suggestion is that it is the magnetic field of the Sun which holds them in place. Not only does it hold them in place, but also causes the axial rotation of the planets due to the intersection of their own magnetic fields with that of the Solar Body.

To return to the evolution of life on this planet clearly certain things have been constant and among them the magnetic field of the Sun as described in the last paragraph, despite any fluctuations within that system. Life has evolved under the constant stream of the neutrinos in a horizontal plane from the Sun, since this is the placement of the planetary plane within the system, and, we may surmise, it is also under the constant down-pouring of the vertical axes of the magnetic field. This down-pouring will have showered the Earth with a constant frequency of a given quality, let us call it spirit for the moment, that flow of grace from above will be a significant factor in the evolution of life on the planet.

The Inuit elders tell us that the Sun is now setting in a different place. There has been some displacement in the relationship between the planet and the Sun. This is something they are aware of because they are fully as aware of their physical environment, as any western scientist is aware of stock prices or his or her laboratory or bank balance. The sun used to set on one side of a mountain, they tell us, but now it sets on the other side of it. When they studied the horizon a mountain stood out to their vision and the Sun set to the north of it, but now it sets to the south. Something has changed.

It is interesting that this news should be given to us at a time when the temperature of the planet is rising and the ice sheets are disappearing. It is also the time in which the Cern particle accelerator has been operating.

One of two things can have happened to cause this change in the place of the Sun setting. Either the axis of the planet has changed or the orbit. Of these the more serious is a change in the orbit since potentially this will draw us out of the flow that is conducive to life and away from our own well-being. The movement in the axis will not be so devastating as that.

This morning, as I woke, the trees told me that we have moved out of the stream. That statement has prompted me to write this short piece. It would seem to indicate that we have swung the planet off its orbit with a reckless playing with forces we do not understand. At the time the Cern accelerator was about to be fired up there was much smug laughter speaking of it as ‘the doomsday machine’. It seems the laughter was misplaced and that we have indeed sealed our fate with our foolish haste to promote something of which we know so little.

We are set today for another day of blasting temperatures. No doubt new record highs will be set this year, as they were last year.

While the drift out of the down flowing of grace is a very serous matter there is another which is equally reckless and which impacts us more fully than we realise. That is the proliferation of mobile phones and wifi networks. The frequency of the wifi frequencies is such that it causes the etheric (electro-magnetic) fields of the Earth to heat up. We are micro-waving ourselves and all of life on this planet. We need to rethink this policy long before implementing G5, and to dismantle the satellite net that is being cast around this planet as it is also exposing us to high rates of radiation that are detrimental to life on the planet. Evolution moves at a much slower rate than ‘progress’ which chases along a thought process heedless of the carnage in its wake – like a boy racer dragging a policeman along behind the car, or a drunken driver on the wrong side of the road smashing into a boy on a bicycle – to attain its goal.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.