5G and Reverse Engineering

The problem I have with reverse engineering technology, I am thinking here of that applied to the UFOs that have been ‘rescued’ after crashing, is that we have no idea of the circumstances under which the technology we are exploring has been developed.

I am thinking specifically of the planets on which the original engineers lived who developed this inter-stellar technology. Let us recognise the uniqueness of this planet we inhabit. It has a certain amount of iron which leads to the development of a magnetic field of a given strength. Now we appreciate that by increasing the amount of iron the magnetic field will change. If, for example, there is a 75% iron content the magnetic field will be much stronger than a planet such as Earth which has only a 5 % iron content.

As a result the vehicles that will be developed under the conditions of even as little an increase as 25 % of iron will be very different from that which will be suitable to a planet with only a small iron content.

The question arises, why did the vehicles crash in the first instance? Was it that the magnetic field, in comparison with the gravitational field, was disproportionate to that required to keep the vessel afloat?

However, by using reverse engineering we can possibly recreate the modes of transport developed, but then to allow the vehicles to actually prove of use we will need to create magnetic fields sufficiently strong enough to support them.

That in brief is my concern with the process of reverse engineering technology when the source of the vessel concerned remains unknown. After all according to the latest astronomical science there are no other planets suitable to support intelligent life. But then the argument remains alive in some scientific circles that other species on earth are also unintelligent.

Supposing that such reverse technology has taken place we have to ask why there is a massive pressure to create 5G mobile networks when all the evidence points towards the increased electro-magnetic fields involved being detrimental to life on Earth? Could it be to support a new mode of transport?

Time will tell.

But more importantly why is there not the same interest in exploring the relatively subtle electro-magnetic fields of earth with the same passion? Dr Eric Laithwaite was ridiculed for his interest and exploration into this largely undiscovered area of scientific research. I recommend you view his presence on Youtube.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.