Christmas 2019

It was the last day of Christmas, January 6th 2020. Evening had fallen and passed into night as I lay and suddenly became aware that I had not taken down the decorations as intended. Into my mind popped an image of a lanky fellow with deer-like horns on his head, crossing a road and waving goodbye. I was startled and even before asking the question the answer arose in my mind that this was the Spirit of Yule departing. I was sorry I had not made more effort over the period to make contact with the many beings who had helped beautify the home for the festive season.

I realised He was not the same being as the Yule Father I met some two or three years ago. He had something of the air of the Artful Dodger about him. Certainly Dickensian.

Then I became aware of our front room. We had had a small tree, about 30-50 cm tall standing on the corner of a sideboard with presents piled around it. Now, in the vision, the centre of the room was taken up by a tree that filled the room from floor to ceiling. It was large and perfectly formed radiating a mass of light. Fully decorated the tree shone with a warm golden light nourishing and beaming good cheer.

I have no idea who brought it for us. I am very grateful to them for doing so. I had asked Jesus to overlight our time together and had occasionally been aware of his presence and inspiration calming the waters between us. Perhaps it was his gift to us. I cannot say. I was sorry I had not been aware of it formerly. I am grateful I was made aware of it at all. The New Year has begun with a joy and a harmony between us that was not present before the turn of the year. I still feel the presence of that luminous tree pouring its love all around.

Gods bless us, One and All.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.