Etheric Web of Life

At the lowest, most minimal, level the etheric field is generated by each atom. An atom while composed of the Neutron, Proton and Electrons described in modern physics comprises three fields. Only one of these is considered by modern physics, that of Energy. The other two consist of the Form and the Consciousness of the atom. By the Form I wish to suggest that an atom is contained in a series of related shells around which the electrons fly, according to the energy absorbed by the atom. Thus when the energy coming into an atom is sufficiently high it will spin the electrons out to a wider circuit. It is not a haphazard or random path but a measured and harmonic path according to the nature of the atoms concerned. This is witnessed through luminosity. As the radiant energy of the atom exceeds the energy coming into the atom the electrons will revert to their narrower course releasing light as they do so. That this is a regular, and regulated, structural change demonstrates that the atom has Form. So that, as well as Energy, an atom has Form. This is crucial for a fuller and safer understanding of the atomic energy which is basically tearing at the fabric of Space.

More difficult to demonstrate is that an atom has Consciousness. While we think of consciousness in terms of answering IQ tests and alert observations, we will miss the inherent nature of consciousness which is essentially a degree of self-awareness or awareness, apprehension, of one’s environment. It may well be this which lies at the heart of attraction at an atomic level (valency), though I do not say it is. But I do maintain that atoms are conscious and share in Consciousness. But then I maintain equally that Consciousness is the source of Creation, not the end result of it, as modern science declares.

As an atom is bound into a molecule so its nature changes and the properties it possesses are compromised. The note of the atom will change according to which molecule it is bound into and as part of the greater whole will add its voice to the overall harmony of that molecule. Far from being Energy we can tap at our pleasure, it is found that creation is a singing, ringing harmony. An integral whole. It begins at the atomic and sub-atomic levels.

As the etheric field of the molecule extends into surrounding Space, into the flow of Consciousness, this is collected and hindered in its unlimited flow. It begins to wind around the etheric forms it encounters. This builds up, as it were, flesh on the etheric framework. It will alter the stream of Consciousness and the molecule will begin to direct the flow to some extent. This most subtle aspect of consciousness in the external world, forms the sea of consciousness, the albumen, in which the living molecules of the DNA of a developing form unfold. But it is founded on the etheric field of the most subtle level. The finest fretwork and fabrication of the etheric fields, just prior to the resolution of the etheric field into pure light. This is very subtle since it lies adjacent to Consciousness itself.

It is through the destruction of this etheric layer that life is most directly threatened on the planet. Through the abandoned use of magnetic fields we are ripping through this etheric fabric and rending it from the background environment in which it takes its place. When Science looks into Space it sees emptiness. When I look into Space I see the first expression of Consciousness in its precipitation into manifestation. The emptiness which lies between atoms and forms the background into which the etheric fields extend is itself a degree of Consciousness most subtle indeed.

To tear the etheric from this sea or field we damage the ability of the etheric to hold life. It is not something which heals itself as it is bent out of shape through the application of the powerful magnetic forces which drag it from its bed.

When etheric fields are twisted and distorted, as they are in the use of the jet engine for example, so the etheric fields are torn away from the fields on Consciousness in which they lay. This is the damage I see as a danger among high-powered magnetic and electrical fields such as are generated by G5 and the CERN accelerator. We have to listen to the least not the greatest in these matters. The smallest signal, not the loudest.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.