The Etheric Web

In esoterics we hear about the etheric field but I wonder how many actually understand its significance in the overall scheme of things. According to Hindu scientific investigation into the fundamentals of creation over millennia the idea has developed and been accepted of the three gunas. These equate to Consciousness, energizing force and weight or physical presence. Usually described as the tendency to unite; the energizing principle; and the tendency to separate. In short consciousness, energy and matter. Two aspects of which modern science has chosen to ignore in favour of one only. My understanding is that each of these represent a separate area of expression equating perhaps to the angelic kingdom, the human and the elemental , though I have not had time to delve more deeply into that topic yet.

However what has become clear to me in the past few months is that the etheric fields, we can call them the electro-magnetic fields, form a web-like structure around the planet of varying degrees of coarseness. These find their origin in physical matter, such as individual atoms, or concentrations of a particular chemical formation, such as basalt or granite, iron, aluminium, limestone or sandstone and so forth. The etheric web is composed of three aspects, strength of field, which grows weaker the further from source one moves; a vertical fingerlike projection which may have a rotating aspect to it; and a horizontal equivalent which may contain or carry a pulse. It is the combination of the vertical and horizontal that form the nodes and weave of the etheric field.

In contrast to this we have the ‘inert’ matter which forms the fabric of the world. Flowing through of these both at a much more than subtle level is Consciousness itself. Consciousness has the property of being able to manifest in various ‘densities’ or ways (traditionally these have been identified as the Elements), such that it may inhabit an etheric field, or remain the emptiness in which the etheric and physical matter fields manifest. It can be space, or the flow of sensitivity through space. The essential quality of Consciousness, apart from its ability to apprehend, is that it flows. It is a fluid, rather than the etheric being a stable, or the material a solid, structure.

Where there is a strong source of impulse, like an iron magnet we could say, the impulse of the etheric field is strong, when this is combined with other similar points they form a lattice-like structure, a scaffolding. The intersections of that lattice structure are the sources of the emission that establish them, iron magnets or whatever it may be. This fabric then echoes or reflects itself into the surrounding space (field of consciousness at an unmanifest level) where the echoes from each of the intersections or source points collide, a new more subtle etheric structure is created. this holds the key to the three axes of the gyroscope and for physicists it is the key to lighter than air travel.

Consider Cymatics

It is around this increasingly more subtle, finely tuned, etheric field that consciousness becomes wrapped when under the guidance of an intelligent (that is to say integrated) structure. A structure such as a cell or more particularly the DNA of that Cell. Through the interaction of the DNA, or molecular strand, with the surrounding environment a particular form is called forth. This is the work of the elementals. (You will note that the ideal already exists from which these willing servants of matter work. It is wrong to think they are subservient to Man. They are not. They serve the Divine.)

Let me give an example. A liver cell has the same DNA component as a muscle cell, but due to its placement in the liver it develops the organs (organelles) needed to fulfil its purpose in that location (environment). If that cell is taken and successfully transplanted into a muscle it will change its structure to fit the new environment and become a muscle cell. The DNA is the same but has developed different propensities according to the needs of the situation in which it finds itself. This is the remarkable flexibility of life. It is adaptable.

Now the purpose of writing this detailed description of the interaction between the etheric fields and consciousness is to propose that the use of powerful magnetic and electrical fields is causing severe damage to the planet. On another note asphalt roads are equally damaging but that will have to explored elsewhere.

The human body is said to contain seven etheric fields or bodies, which hold the imprint of the idealised form emanating from the soul but marred by the scars (samskaras) of past lives and events. Hence some bodies hold an inherent weakness due to a broken limb, or illness from a past life. This may show up in the present life, or not. In time it will have to be worked out, for the soul to express fully and capably in some future incarnation.

Again the purpose of writing this is to warn of the danger of the hugely powerful (crude) magnetic fields we are generating without any real understanding of the damage they are doing. I am thinking here not only of G5 but also of the pylons carrying massive voltages of electricity that interfere with the proper functioning of the magnetic etheric fields of the earth. For the lesser lives, such as insects, ants and bees, whose young develop in exposed eggs, the soft surroundings of a sea of consciousness, we call it albumen in hens eggs, are exceptionally vulnerable to exposure to such crude waves. These over-magnified electrical fields send spikes into the surrounding atmosphere tearing through the finer fabric which life needs to weave her web into the form of a little bee, or caterpillar or ant.

This may be difficult for the scientifically minded to grasp. So let me give an example and say envisage the magnetic field as a series of lazer rods that slowly turn and rotate around their source, the long thread of metal suspended between two pylons for example. As this circular saw of a beam rakes the atmosphere so it is tearing through the fabric and tissue of life’s subtle forms to destroy the life impulse within. I don’t mean simply the DNA of the cells developing but I mean the impulse which activates that molecule into becoming a living vibrant field in its own right. The consciousness which lies behind all manifest form.

For this reason, among many others I suggest that the idea of a national grid is a false one and should be replaced by locally produced sources of electricity. I believe we have hardly begun to understand electricity and that computers are showing us how tiny the electrical trickle needs to be to effect a great change. It is this area of research I would like to see being promoted along with better battery systems. The use of electricity as a heating source is disastrous. Because we have not understood the nature of the polarisation of the fields.Hence the electrical heat seems to burn the body, instead of warming it, as for example, a log fire would do. As for microwaves these are dangerous because they send the water into chaotic patterns of motion losing their integral field of resonance that life thrives upon. As the polarisation of the water is destroyed through the microwaving process, so the integrity – and the life giving power – of the substances subjected to it are destroyed. If we see an increase in bowel cancer, cancer of the throat and similar in the near future, I would not be surprised to find this equated with the ingestion of microwaved food which, for me at least, makes my stomach feel extremely uncomfortable.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.