Earth – Life Engendering

Where does life on Earth begin? Scientists told us in the past, and no doubt many still do today, that Life began in the Oceans, so we must protect the Oceans because that’s where life began. But that, I suggest, is nonsense. Life does not begin on Earth. The Earth is invested with Life, like a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. That’s how fragile it is. And monkey-minded man meddles with the very fabric of Life and calls it Knowledge and Wisdom and Sapientia. But I’m afraid it is information which will be of precious little use to generations gasping for air now the forests have gone.

Life is inherited by the Earth from the Sun, where the Sun gets its store of Life from I would not like to say. So let’s get our minds out of the fog and indecision of humankind and start to think clearly about some matters – while there is still Time.

For countless millions of years the Earth travelled with the Moon around the Sun. All that while the Sun was pouring out Life and Intelligence not simply to the Earth but to all the worlds around. But let us not worry about those, let’s stay with Earth awhile.

As the Rocks cooled so the Life force from the Sun, pouring out in many sorts of waves, penetrated the atoms of the solidifying Earth. The Rocks became imbued with Life and with Intelligence. The Rocks are the first living things on Earth. As the Sun poured out neutrinos that penetrated the atomic structures of the Rocks themselves so the whole planet became imbued with Life. Earth herself is a Living Intelligence. This is why she is called a Sacred Planet. Some say she is one of 7, others that there are 7 more, and some say there are more than seven others, counting up to 13. A Sacred Planet is one that is inhabited – not by fleshly human beings, where’s your head at? But by souls wearing bodies appropriate to the environments in which they find themselves. We’ll deal more with etheric realms and vehicles elsewhere.

Envisage the pouring forth of Life from the Sun into the Oceans, into the Rocks. As the Rocks fill with life force so they reflect it back towards the surface of the planet, forming a bed of Life on which other life forms begin – eventually – to grow. Most are simply grateful, but some credit themselves with intelligence, declaring that they are the only living ones who share in this gift of consciousness and that all others are inferior, subject to them. Fortunately it took a long time before that particular twisted thought began to shape itself into a religion, the religion of I AM. ME. The Big DoDo. When I say Jump, you say How Hi.

So the blind scientists, scrabbling for a penny, will retain their conviction that the Life on Earth began in the Oceans and that they are precious. As indeed they are. It was the smallest beings, the plankton, that began to change the Earth and to fill the air with Oxygen. As that air changed so new life forms capable of breathing the new air came into being. Still the Earth span on and still the Sun poured Life and Intelligence into her.

The Intellect, that mankind claims so much praise for, is sadly no more than a meddling interfering semi-conscious thing. Doubting, carping, criticising every little observation. Refusing to acknowledge that Life Itself is a Wonder. All the great thoughts that mankind has thought up count as nothing compared with the life of even that simplest of forms, the plankton. Yet without a second thought the humans drag their boats across the Ocean pumping out pollution and clogging up the seas with gollups of oil, changing the condition of the water so the plankton cannot live. It has been said – if the plankton die we lose two thirds of our oxygen! But what do the money counters care. They will all be dead in 20 years or 50, so what does it matter? Who cares what happens if I am not here to see it? Idiocy.

All the generations of children yet unborn perhaps? How did the song go ‘for threatening my babies, unborn and unnamed, even Jesus our saviour could never forgive your games’.*

For those who say ‘Life will go on, even without us’ it is no comfort. Life did not begin here and while you wait for Daddy with a big stick to say stop now, and try so hard to emulate him by making your stick bigger than the next abacus player, Life sickens and dies with your ‘because we can’ approach. Have you seen the tractors with tyres bigger than the man who drives them? Because we can! While mountains disappear and roads dig out the heart of other lands.

My goodness, drop the mindset and get a heart will you? So for all you can do I say don’t. Don’t kill the Rocks ‘because we can’. Nor suck the water out, nor drain the oil wells when you have no idea why they are there in the first place. Exposing Earth’s heart to incoming radiations that for all her life have never been allowed to break through. Wake up and join the humane race.

*Masters of War Bob Dylan. The lines actually run
” For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain’t worth the blood
That runs in your veins.

and later
“But there’s one thing I know
Though I’m younger than you
That even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do.”
(Written in his early 20s).

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.