Sorry Mr Raven I can’t help

I had a call from a Raven today. It cried as it flew overhead. ‘They’re messing up the skies.’ I remember seeing the skies spring open in November 2012 when suddenly the clouds got higher and somehow more fluffy.

Seems that Ravens, like all birds, use the magnetic field of the Earth to navigate by. Not just bees. After all they’ve been here as long as us and developed the senses they need to live here. But who cares what birds think when we’ve got toys to play with? The Cern particle accelerator and another one in Lund Sweden seem to be twisting the magnetic etheric fields out of shape. Not to mention the ringing, high-pitched screaming in the ears. They’re microwaving the air and want us to believe it is all hype and conspiracy theory. I am not a conspi-racist. I do what I’ve always done and listen to Nature but this bunch think that if you bang it, it must be real. Bang a bell and see if its real. Its not just the material form that’s effected. A great ringing sound booms out across the fields and streets keeping town and country in line. Or hadn’t you noticed?

But no the idiot child in the playpen wants to play and big mamma won’t let her baby be upset. Life is not passed on by impact. The sperm fertilising the egg does not do so with the impact of a shell smacking up against a wall. It reaches its goal and dissolves in wonder. Life is gentle not percussive.

Before we put salts in the water to drink don’t we learn about the characteristics of the water – don’t we? But this bunch think its clever to play around with forces barely yet discovered. So it seems the birds are saying anyway. Crying that their ears hurt. As G5 hits the streets and great bands of seismic proportions rip through the sky. I say this advisedly as I was sitting on the tube, many years ago now, when I felt a band cut through me. A friend explained this was as they switched the polarities on the mobile signals. Whatever it was my shoulder had the skin broken by this mysterious electrical saw.The skin on my shoulder is soft like a babies, but thinner scar tissue from burns years before.

When will humanity and commerce lead science stop to consider the impact of the games it is playing with the living fabric of the only planet we have. Meanwhile what do I tell the Ravens? Sorry can’t help. Mr Big says he wants toys for his kids. Me I’m just a nobody living on the edge of poverty. How can I help? What do I tell them? It will be another 10 years before they see the scars they created today and ask the question should we be doing this?

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.