Growing Education

The websites are growing now and i find myself spending a lot of time editing pictures to get a reasonable size and quality of image.

Meanwhile having more time on my hands I am able to explore the web and find even more courses available than I had anticipated.

In the process of completing a longer module with the Open University called Knowledge technologies in context. this is an interesting course designed for exploring the concept of storing knowledge rather than simply data. How does the human relate, what knowledge do we hold in the organisation , how best to represent and protect that and so on. As an archivist it is a problem I have wrestled with for several years.

Meanwhile I have enrolled for the Gaia Education/Unitar course on Local Water Solutions for Global Challenges. A free course witha paid certificate on completion. Looking forward to that.

And tomorrow another Gaia Ed initiative , a webinar with Lisa Shaw of Biomatrix, bringing Water to Life. That’s 12th September, 1.45 UK time. There’s still time!

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.