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I have decided to close my Facebook account. I could not support a man who is investing in creating a paedophile environment promoting the rape culture prevalent today. The man – Zuckerberg – clearly has no social conscience and I cannot support the platform further. I am sorry to lose such an immediate contact with so many good friends. The meta-verse environment he is seeking to provide is truly destructive and far from building a strong social world seeks only the imposition of one will over another. Putin today has declared he will invade and destroy Ukraine – a country which has no right to exist according to that man – so it seems this is the way we struggle into Aquarius, where once it had seemed to be a gentle transition towards enlightenment. But as the Guru says struggle is the way. I don’t expect the publicity that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell got when they chose to withdraw from Spotify for similar reasons but perhaps it will cause some people to think further about what is being promoted as ‘a good idea’. 24th Feb 2022

I am still building the site with many promising articles coming along. I will happily add these when I am satisfied with their content.

Part of the difficulty I face is that I am in the process of finding a new home and most of my reference works are in storage.

Where I can, I check the factual elements of the pieces, though often sources have to go unacknowledged.

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